martedì 30 dicembre 2008

Dandy Housewife

(dal testo di Damsel in Distress di Idina Menzel)
Ooh, you got big muscles rippling
Underneath your shirt
I'm so glad to meet you, baby
Tell me, what do you do for work?
Me? I'm just a housewife
So sad and all alone
Desperate for a strong man
To help me fix my hom
eI know I must look a sight
In this--this flimsy little dress
Won't you try your very best
To save a damsel in distress?

I've got tasty treats to tempt you
Come and sit down on my couch
I'm sure it won't take long
To figure all my problems out
My home, it needs attention
It's such a big old mess
Take out your trusty tool
And save this damsel in distress
Now, you need no invitation, baby
Just walk in and shut the doorF
ollow the red rose petals that I've left
Scattered on the floor
I'll be upstairs waiting
With a list of honey-do'sCustomized and tailor-made
For a - a handy man like you
You know, I'd be so grateful
If you'd come relieve my stress
Won't you heed my S.O.S.And save a damsel in distress?

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